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Flexispy Review – Find out what makes it the best mobile phone spy software on the market today


You probably have heard the name Flexispy when there is talk pertaining to cell phone spy software. If you are wondering what makes this surveillance app so special there are a few points you will need to review.  For starters, this app is actually one of the oldest in its field to-date and also unquestionably the most stable system. It has been around since 2006 and has made quite a reputation for itself by being a front runner of mobile phone spy software development. For example some of Flexispy's key breakthrough features are the ability to intercept blackberry messenger (bbm) messages, tap a mobile phone calls (listen in on conversations) and also listen to the surroundings of the phone (basically use it as a microphone or bug). Typically, when there is a particular monitoring feature you can't find elsewhere then this product usually will have the solution you need.

Take a look below at a clip from foxla below to see some of the most powerful features offered by Flexispy Pro.

For these reasons mentioned above it is easy to understand why this product is chosen by many agencies who are in the business of surveillance such as private investigators, police and others you can think of. If you need the total picture of someone communications then this program is the way to go. However, in the event you don’t need the full range of features offered by Flexispy then what do you do? That is no problem because this product actually comes in three versions which are Lite, Pro and ProX. These packages were specifically designed to cater to different person’s needs.

Flexispy Reviews: Features of the Lite, Pro and ProX packages

Flexispy features and prices varies depending on which package you desire to obtain. It starts with basic surveillance functions when you are looking at the Lite version or it may go to the most advanced features in the ProX version. The more you want to see or know then more you will have to pay. This will make it easy for everyone because different individuals will have different needs and budgets. If you are interested in basic surveillance the features included with  the Lite version are call logging, sms intercepting (you will be able to read actual text messages), email logging and also remote control of this spy app through special sms messages. If the mobile user tend to communicate via text messages and email then this package will work fine for you. However if the person's main mode communication is through talking or bbm then it is better to upgrade to the Pro or ProX version of this product.

Flexispy Pro and ProX carries all of the features of the basic version and also a few additional bits. This includes the ability to track the phone via gps tracking, enviroment listening (listen to the surroundings of the phone), mobile phone tapping, sim change notification and also bbm spying. The additional functions you acquire will depend on which version you choose.

Price and additional information

The price for Flexispy starts at $149 USD and it comes with a 10 day money back guarantee. It is compatible with most smartphones on the market today such as the iphone, Blackberry, Symbian, Maemo, Android and Windows mobile type of phones. If you have any queries about this product before or during the purchase then you can speak to a representative through its live customer support on the web. This means you can talk to a representative similar to how you would use skype or msn messenger or if you prefer you can send a support ticket. If you would like to find out more about this product you can just vist www.flexispy-omni.com


Flexispy Pro and Prox | Before you purchase look at our comprehensive review of all the features and also other information

flexispy proThe best cell phone spy software packages currently on the market today are the Flexispy Pro and ProX version. These are not for people who would like a cheap phone spy with limited capabilities but someone who really needs some power in what they are doing. Typical cell phone spy applications consist of basic features such as sms interception (the ability to read text messages), call logging, contact logging etc. These are good features however there can be limited in many circumstances and that is why people turn to the Pro packages.

For example take for instance your spouse is cheating on you. If he or she does not text or get a sexy text message from the person you really have no evidence to go on. Your spouse and the person may even agree never to send such messages to prevent them from being discovered. Anything is possible and people in general are becoming better at infidelity. This is where Flexispy pro and pro-x comes into play because with its advanced features you will be able to get more information to make that critical decision. The Pro and ProX versions comes with the basic features mentioned such as text message spying, call logging, contact recording and much more.

Let’s take a look at Flexispy pro first in which it also offer you the ability to track the phone’s location via cell site monitoring; notify you if the person has changed the cell phone sim card (typically used by persons who really would like to hide their affairs); offers you the ability to control the software remotely and finally turns the phone into a bug (listening device). The last feature is typically the most useful and popular one. When you turn this feature on you actually can hear everything within the surroundings of the phone. Therefore if the person is at work in the lunch room you will hear every single detail of what is going on in the room including detailed conversations etc. This will especially useful if you suspect that he or she is with their lover. You will really know and hear everything which is said when they are together.

If you want to take it up a notch then the Flexispy ProX edition will allow you to do the same things as the Pro edition and you will also be able to spy on the person’s bbm messages (blackberry user’s only), track the phone via gps and also tap their cell phone calls. Call tapping is actually the most powerful feature Flexispy has to offer and this gives you the ability to listen into a conversation without the person knowing. Every time a particular number is called you will be notified via a text message. Your next step will be to dial into the phone you are monitoring. This makes the conversation the person was having into a three way one and you just listen. If no other function can help you discover what you are looking for this definitely will.

If you are interested in finding out more about Flexispy Pro editions and its features you can to talk to an online representative.


Cell phone tapping software | How to tap a mobile phone conversation secretly?

listening in on phone call

Unlike tapping a regular landline phone which needs quite a bit of equipment you can easily tap a mobile phone with a small piece of software known as a call interceptor. The results will be similar in which you will be able to listen to the cell phone conversations. However, the phone monitoring software which is used for a mobile can do much more than the hardware used for a regular telephone. For example, you will have the privilege of intercepting other communications which includes sms messages, emails, gps locations, blackberry messenger and much more. Therefore by combining the main feature and the other additional features which are given with your mobile phone tapping software package you will be able to get a better understanding of the overall picture. As you will know the more you know or the more information acquired the better your decision will be because you won't be missing any small pieces of relevant information.

How does the software used for tapping a mobile work?

Everything starts with signing up with the app (Spymaster Pro) you will use to tap the mobile phone with. On completion of the sign up process you will then be given a special user name and password in which you will be able to log on to your personal member profile. In your member area you will be able to see all the data collected from the other spy functions such as gps coordinates, text messages etc. Your next task will be to install the mobile phone tap onto the particular smart phone you wish to keep an eye on. Don’t worry, it will take a few minutes and after it is completed you will never have to touch that phone again to know what is going on. The main point you must be aware of is that you should have a list of suspected numbers you wish to intercept. Once you have entered these numbers into the program then every time a call is made or received from a number on the list you will get a special sms message indicating it. In order to then listen into the phone call you will only need to call the number. This will tap the cell phone and add you to the call.

There is an option to be notified of all calls made and received however, you may end up receiving numerous sms messages if the person is popular or pretty busy. If anything you can always add or delete numbers if necessary remotely.

What is the name of the app?

On the market today Spymaster pro is the top product which can be effectively used when tapping a mobile phone. This software company is actually one of the most popular ones in the industry today. It gives the user the ability to spy on whatsapp messenger, viber chat, facebook messenger, text messages,  the location of the mobile; phone book details, photos taken, phone conversations and the mobile surroundings. No other cell phone spy app in the industry will do that for you at just under 90 bucks..

If you would like to find out more about Spymasterpro and its ability to tap a cell phone conversation then  .


Flexispy sms interceptor – How to intercept sms messages of someone’s mobile

monitor sms messagesDo you want to be able to intercept sms messages and read the content but you do not know how? Well there are two methods which you can use. The first method requires you to look through the mobile when the person is not looking. This is the cheapest way to intercept sms messages however it may be pretty difficult if the person is guarding the mobile like a hawk and also you will have to think about the consequences of being caught. Sneaking a peak once or twice is ok however if you are looking to do it on a regular basis then chances are you will get caught at sometime.

If this happens then the person you are monitoring will become better at what they are doing which means less evidence for you to gather. It may also create a lot of unnecessary tension and arguments in the relationship. The alternative method for monitoring text messages which is commonly being put into place is the use of sms interceptor apps. These programs are installed onto the phone you wish to monitor and every single sms message is intercepted and sent to you to see. The program is hidden on the cell phone so that the user will not have a clue what is actually taking place.  You will typically see the results of your surveillance via a special profile on the apps website.

The benefits of using a sms interceptor are plentiful. For example once the software is installed onto the mobile phone you will never have to run behind it again to discover what is going on. Also since the records are stored on the internet this means that you would never have to worry if you are out of town because the information will be there and once you have internet access you will be able to see everything. The only thing which you need to do is to find a good reliable app.

In terms of intercepting sms messages nothing can actually come close to Flexispy. It is small compact and it allows you to monitor text messages and also a bit more. In addition you will also be able to monitor calls and also every single email sent or received by the phone. These basic functions are is available in the Flexispy Lite version, if you are interested in a bit more functionality like the ability to tap a mobile phone, monitor Blackberry messenger chat and more you will need the Pro or ProX versions.

For more information about Flexispy


Flexispy Blackerry spyware | Is Flexispy the most powerful blackberry spy software presently online?

blackberry spyIf you are looking for a top of the line Blackberry spy application then Flexispy would definitely be your preferred choice. Flexispy Blackberry spyware is an advanced cell phone monitoring solution which carries a number of features not found with the other brands. Therefore, you will not just be limited to intercepting sms messages and call logging. You will also be able to do things such as monitor bbm chat; call interception (the ability to listen into a conversation); spy calling (the ability to turn the phone into a microphone), gps tracking and more. Basically the sky will be the limit with this particular app as more features are being added constantly.

Flexispy Blackberry spy software comes in three different packages which are  Lite, Pro and ProX.  This is where the Lite edition contains the most basic features and ProX the most advanced. The more functions you wish to monitor the more you will have to pay. The benefit is that the more you monitor then the more you will also discover or know. In all you will definitely have to strike a balance based on what you want to know versus the cost. Generally, if you really think about your situation you will realise the benefits of using Flexispy really over powers any costs incurred.

For example suppose you suspect your daughter is using drugs or is being sexually active at a young age. If you do know what is going on then as a parent you will be able to take counter measures. Otherwise you and her will have to deal with the consequences of her actions as they occur. When you consider the consequences of her going down the wrong path, the cost of this spy app is small in comparison to teenage pregnancy, counseling, trouble with the law, etc.

 What features do I get with Flexispy Blackberry spyware?

The list of features includes:

  • Call logging
  • Sim card change notifications
  • Gps tracking
  • Sms spying
  • Email interception
  • Blackberry messenger monitoring
  • Cell phone bugging
  • Call interception

As you can see there is pretty much nothing which will be able to slip pass you once you have implemented this program. In terms of ease of use it is pretty straight forward in which you download it onto the mobile phone you wish to monitor and that is it. If there are any queries you  can easily speak to someone online with their live chat service.

If you are interested in finding out more about Flexispy Blackberry spy then


Android keylogger software reviews – A tutorial on the most preferred options online

keylogger software for android

When it comes to selecting an android keylogger program there are some general things you should be looking out for in order to get the job done. The two main criteria you should look at is its stealth and also functionality. The best types of keyloggers work invisible to the user of the cell phone and offer no indicators which might tip off the person who is utilising the mobile that he or she is being monitored. In that way the spy app user can view what the person is doing without having to worry that he or she has changed their habits due to the fact that they know that they are being monitored.

The other consideration which is functionality is critical because each keylogger for android carries its own set of features. When it comes to success you have to ensure that the android monitoring app selected could track the specific communications which the individual uses the majority of the time. For instance if the person uses whatsapp messenger frequently then you definitely must make certain the software could monitor whatsapp conversations. Otherwise, it is almost certain that your surveillance would be lacking and you would not attain a complete picture of the scenario. So what happens when you are uncertain of the individuals habits? Then your best option would be to choose a program

which allow you to upgrade its functionality without having to be reinstalled such as Stealthgenie.

In this review of Android keyloggers we recommend either using Stealthgenie or Flexispy for your android monitoring needs. Stealthgenie is the first choice because it comes in three different levels of surveillance which are Basic, Gold and Platinum. If you are uncertain about how the person utilises there mobile then you could start with the Basic and gradually progress accordingly without a new reinstallation of the software. Its functions includes tracking text messages, whatsapp chat, phone calls, videos taken, pictures taken and more. The starting price is around 60 bucks and increases according to which type of surveillance you require. If you are interested in learning more about Stealthgenie then goto to go to its website.

Flexispy which is the other choice offers a similar level of surveillance with the exception of being able to intercept phone call conversations. This is unlike Stealthgenie which can only record the conversation remotely. This android keylogger app cost a bit more but it is does give you the results which is most important. For further details on flexispy visit www.flexispy-omni.com and commence monitoring an android phone now.


Advance android monitoring software solutions – Your guide to the top programs available to spy on this smart phone

monitor an android phone

Since you are here looking at this page it definitely mean that you are in need of an android monitoring app to check out the activities of a specific mobile device. Whether the android phone belongs to your child or is company issued to an employee doesn't matter. The main point is that when you install one of these android spy programs onto the device, you would be able to acquire some feedback on the communications of the device. Since people talk about virtually anything on their smart phone then there is an excellent chance that you would stumble across some important detail which would confirm your suspicions.

Also, android monitoring software is not restricted to just communications but other activities. For example, many apps offer gps tracking which is perfect for many scenarios.  Can you imagine knowing the whereabouts of your children at just a press of the button? This means if your child decides to go somewhere which they ought not to be you can go to their location and deal with them. Due to the fact that android spy software hide in the background you are almost certain that the communications viewed would paint an accurate picture of the events the individual is involved in.

So which android monitoring software should I look at purchasing?  

In all you would be looking for a program which actually works and can get the done job done. In this review we would be looking at two of the most reliable monitoring app you can find online today. If you are looking for a decent spy app which offers good bang for your money then look at Mobile spy. It can track the major communication channels including websites visited, text messages, whatsapp conversations, facebook chat, emails etc. This all starts at around 50 dollars with the price varying according to the package which is chosen. The best part about utilising Mobile spy lies in the fact that you can track two additional devices from a single purchase.This is ideal for family situations in which you would like to observe multiple mobile phones. If you are interested in buying or just would like further details then visit www.mobilespylite.com.

flexispy omni

Another android spy program which can also be used is Flexispy. This is presently the top surveillance programs when it comes to monitoring an android phone. Its basic features are comparable to Mobile spy however; it can also be used to listen in on a cell phone conversation as well as its surroundings.These are not necessary for most scenarios but there is nothing more powerful than hearing what someone says over the phone. After all there would be some things which would never be said through messenger services such as text messages or whatsapp. These additional functions do come at a price as a result it is more expensive than its counterpart. If you are interested in learning more about Flexispy omni simply visit www.flexispy-omni.com.


Android tracking software – Short guide on how to track an android phone’s whereabouts secretly?

android phone tracking software

Tracking an android phone requires the use of a specialized app known as a smart phone tracker. This unique type of android spy software must be installed on a mobile which has a gps chip built inside of it. The program then secretly gathers the location data from the gps unit of the mobile and upload it to the server. The user would then need to log on to the server by using a common web browser to see the whereabouts of the device. The android phone position is displayed on a map with a marker indicating its exact current location. You are however not restricted to only that one point on the map because most android tracking software allow you to plot the journey taken by the individual carrying the phone. This is done by specifying a start and end time into its control panel.

In general tracking software offers its users other abilities in addition to its core feature.  Therefore it is possible to monitor other events occurring with the cell phone. For example, you may acquire a program which allow you to read the android phone text messages or whatsapp conversation. This type of information when it is combined with the core feature allow the user to make a better evaluation of the particular circumstance. The only thing you need to do is to choose the right android tracking program for you. In this overview we will suggest two apps which could do the job. The differences lie in price and also additional functionality.


Phonesheriff is pretty much the leader in the android phone tracker market because of its price and attributes. As mentioned earlier most apps do not pin you down to one feature and neither does this one. You would be able to monitor sms messages, emails, websites visited, call logs, calendar events and other activities. In addition you would also be able to control the android phone remotely with special sms commands. For example, you would be able to lock, unlock and even filter certain numbers from calling the device. This makes this particular software an excellent for parental controls. For more details on how to track an android phone with Phonesheriff you would need to goto           to visit the official website.

Another popular android spy program is Flexispy. This advance surveillance app gives you similar monitoring features to Phonesheriff however; you have the advance surveillance techniques of whatsapp monitoring; cell phone tapping and also bugging. There is nothing which could escape this particular program and that is why it is considered the best cell phone monitoring app in the world. For further details about this android tracking software visit www.flexispy-omni.com


Mobile phone call interceptor – How to intercept cell phone calls

intercept cell phone callDo you want to know how it is possible to intercept cell phone calls? Then read this article and by the end of it you will be on your way to listening in on cell phone conversations. This may seem like it is from a spy movie but mobile phone call interceptors has been on the market now for over 5 years. In fact this technology has been used prior by surveillance companies and agencies before it became readily available on the internet. It is quite simple to use, simply install the app onto the target mobile in question. During the installation you could configure the program to notify you when a particular number is communicating with the phone or leave it as the default which is every call.

The next thing you must configure is the spy phone number; this is the phone number the user will be calling from to intercept the phone call. Typically, many people would use their mobile or another dedicated phone when they are doing there spying. After this is completed then it is off to the next step and that is waiting. When the target mobile makes or receives a call that will automatically trigger the program to send a text message to the software user. From there he or she could listen in on the cell phone conversation by simply calling the target device and this changes the convo from a two way to a three way one automatically. It is that simple.

Is there any recommended mobile phone call interceptor apps

Basically there are two app on the market with this functionality and there names are Flexispy and Spyera. Both apps do not come with this one feature alone but quite a few others. Common features between these two applications are:

In terms of these power features it is quite easy to recognize why there is nothing that you can hide from either cell phone call interceptor. So what will determine your choice over the other you may wonder? Well each has its pros and cons.

In general Flexispy is the first choice and this is mainly due to the fact that it has excellent support and also a lower yearly subscription charge. Imagine, you will be able to speak to someone from support on the vendors own messenger service. This take away quite a bit of the hassle sending emails or going through the regular support system. The price range is $150USD for the basic and $349.99USD for the omni version.

For more details on Flexispy then visit http://flexispy-omni.com.

Spyera on the other hand has flexible payment terms although it does not has a cheaper annual subscription. This is quite advantageous cost wise for those persons who would like to utilize a program for a short period of time. Also one of the most captivating parts about this app is that it is compatible with more cell phones than any other spy app. Therefore if you cant get it from anywhere else then Spyera is the way to go.

For more details on Spyera mobile phone call interceptor


How to bug a cell phone by using special software

bug a mobile phone

Cell phone bugging software has been around since 2003 on the internet. It started off with basic features which would simply allow the user to log phone calls and text messages. This opened the door for further development in this area and now there is virtually nothing which cannot be monitored through using this technology. Right now it possible to find apps which are capable of doing things such as intercept calls; monitor Whatsapp conversations; track the mobile via gps communications; spy on Blackberry messenger and much more.

The only thing presently which limits the features is the demand by the market. For example since Whatsapp messenger has become so popular many parents and employers have made specific requests for a feature to spy on Whatsapp’s conversations. Recently (one year ago or 2011) it happened and now it is possible to read the content of this messenger service secretly. Therefore as time goes on these apps which are used to bug a cell phone will have to evolve to meet the market’s demand.

How do I implement a mobile bug?

Well the first thing you must ensure when targeting a cell phone is that it has online connectivity. If it does not have access either via a data plan or wifi then this software won't work because this is necessary to download the program as well as send log files from the surveillance. The next step will be to choose a program which is not only compatible with the phone but also carries the necessary features which you would like to get the task done. Once these two conditions are met it is then to the next step of installing the cell phone bugging app. This must be done physically therefore you must gain access to the device.

Once installed most require an activation code to commence functioning. After that has been entered then the surveillance can begin. In terms of information logged this is usually sent to an online spy account or an email address for your review. When it comes to tapping or listening in on cell phone conversations this require the user to call into the mobile when the call has commenced. This will turn the call from a two way conversation to a three way one.

What should I use?

When dealing with cell phone bugging technology you could never go wrong with Flexispy omni. It contains all the basic to advance features which you would need to get the job done. Its functions include:

  • Viewing call Logs
  • Monitoring emails messages
  • Spying on sms messages
  • Gps location tracking
  • Sim card notification
  • Cell phone tapping
  • Surroundings listening
  • Full remote control
  • Email relay (send data to your email)
  • Whatsapp spying

As you probably notice this is quite a bit of features and the best part you have a choice between Lite and Flexispy Omni. Where the Lite version has the basic functionality and the other all the rest making it affordable for most person's pocket. To find out how to bug a mobile phone with Flexispy visit: www.flexispy-omni.com.


Whatsapp spying apps – How to spy on whatsapp messenger on a smart phone?

whatsapp spy softwareWhen it comes to spying on whatsapp messenger your only option will be to use special cell phone surveillance software. Programs which are used to monitor mobile phones have been in existence for years now. However, there are only a few which have the ability to monitor Whatsapp messenger chat. In terms of using these spy apps they generally operate in the same way. That is everything begins with you downloading and installing the program onto the respective cell phone. Once activated it will start to log each and every single conversation made and forward it to a special online server.

As the user of the program you will simply have to access this server through your web browser security credentials and all of the information will be there to view. Although the main purpose will be to record Whatsapp messenger chat the truth is you will get some additional features which will definitely prove useful. These include sms spying, gps tracking, website monitoring, listening in on cell phone calls and much more. In essence when all of the surveillance information is put together it paints a pretty good picture of the user of the mobile.

What are the best Whatsapp spy apps on the internet today?

Right now you will find that there are two popular programs on the market which can be used to monitor Whatsapp messenger. These are Mobile spy and Flexispy Omni respectively. Mobile spy is considered the top cell phone surveillance application on the market today. This is in respect of robustness, stability and customer care. It presently is the only one online which offers its telephone customer support and the ability to monitor multiple smart phones. In terms of additional features you will also be able to:

  • Monitor text messages
  • Read mms messages
  • Listen in on phone conversations
  • Bug the mobile phone (listen in on the surroundings)
  • Facebook chat monitoring
  • Gps tracking
  • Email interception
  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Remote control features
  • Address Book details
  • imessage tracking
  • Stealth Camera

From using this particular software it is easy to see why nothing will escape the user of it especially with the supporting features. This is why this particular application is known as one of the king in the spy world. You can acquire this application for just 50 dollars.

If you are interested in finding out more about spying on Whatsapp messenger using mobile spy .

Flexispy which is the other choice has  similar features to its competitor and even more. Actually over 135 features including cell phone tapping which allows the user to listen in on phone conversations. The main issue with Flexispy is the cost however; the information and details cannot be disputed. The starting price is 150 dollars US.

For more information on Flexispy Omni visit http://flexispy-omni.com.


How to spy on a mobile phone without the user’s knowledge?

cell phone spySpying on a mobile phone is not difficult provided that you have the right tool for the job. On the market today this tool is known as mobile phone spy software and it works simply by installing it onto the cell phone which you are targeting. After it is installed you will be able to intercept certain communications of the phone such as text messages, blackberry messenger chat, gps coordinates and more. If you really want to go high tech you can also listen in on cell phone conversations (or tapping a mobile phone) or the surroundings of the device. There is really no limit to what you can see however it will be limited on what you can afford and what is really practical for you.

Why do people spy on mobile phones?

The number one reason why people spy on a cell phone is to find out whether their partner is cheating or is being faithful. It is a fact that infidelity is on the rise today and the cheaters are becoming smarter and better at it. Therefore to catch them you will have to stay one step ahead of them or you might be left behind. When you spy on their mobile phone you will basically stay in the background and allow them to hang themselves.

Therefore all those sexy text messages or other communications sent or received you will be able to read and follow. It does not matter if they have deleted them or not because you will already have captured the communication. If you suspect they are going to meet their lover during lunch time or when they are with the boys you can actually track their mobile location via gps tracking. There is no way they would be able to hide. The only thing you would have to do now is to determine what you will do with this information.

Other common reasons to spy on a mobile phone are to monitor your children or employee. Whatever the reason is, you will surely acquire the answer you need.

What software should you choose?

Currently on the market Flexispy is the best app to monitoring a cell phone. This program is one of the oldest and most powerful surveillance applications you can find today. It comes in three versions which are the Lite, Pro and Prox. Depending on which features you would like you can purchase the one to suit your needs. Flexispy allows the user of the software to tap the mobile phone, intercept text messages, read bbm communications; track the device via gps; read emails sent and received; log all calls and more. If you have any queries you can actually chat with support staff live online which is an added benefit because all of other products out there require you send them an email. This is a slower process in which you can easily miss an opportune time to strike.

If you would like to find out more on how to spy on a mobile phone with Flexispy then


Cell phone keylogger apps – How to use them to keep an eye on your love ones?

mobile phone key loggerKeyloggers for cell phones are different from the type used on a computer. Instead of capturing every key stroke made, you will actually record  every event when transmitted or received by the particular mobile. Although there are subtle differences, the fact remains that both are utilized for the same reason which is to keep an eye on a particular person's smart phone. Cell phone keylogger apps are one of the most powerful tools you can have when dealing with surveillance. They are actually used intensively by private investigators because they are one of the most reliable sources of information out there. You will get unbiased information sent to your door almost at the same instant it happens. You cannot want anything more than that.

Another great thing about cell phone keylogger apps is that they also help you monitor events or communications which are not typed. Therefore you will be able to do things like track the mobile phone gps location and  also listen into that mobile phone conversations. Different apps will come with different features and it really depends on how much cell phone spying you wish to get into. The price varies accordingly however, the more you wish to monitor then the more you will find.

How easy is it to use Mobile phone keylogger?

Anyone can use this type of spy software however it is easier if you are familiar with the type of phone you wish to monitor. The only prerequisite for using this technology is the ability to download and setup an app on the particular cell phone. If you can do that then you are ready to use a cell phone keylogger. As with most software it only take a moment to download, install and to configure accordingly.

Once installed onto the target mobile phone the program will begin to capture communications and send the information to your key logger account which can only be accessed by you. Everything recorded is stored in by date and time and you will be able to search or sort accordingly. If you wish to save the records on your computer that is also possible by downloading the data as a log file. As you may realise everything is quite easy and straight forward to do.

Where do you find a good cell phone keylogger?

Flexispy is one of the most powerful phone key logger apps on the market today. It can be used to monitor virtually any phone including Blackberry, iphone, Symbian, Android, windows mobile etc. Therefore if the person for some reason changed their phone you are almost certain you will be able to transfer this software to the new phone with no difficulty.

Flexispy comes in two packages which are Lite and Omni. Each comes with different features and they range from basic in the Lite version to advance in the Omni version. Its functions include call interception, sms spying, gps tracking, bbm spying (only for Blackberry keylogger) and more.

If you would like to find out more information about Flexispy cell phone keylogger


Blackberry messenger monitoring software – How to secretly spy on bbm conversations online

bbm spyToday, Blackberry messenger monitoring apps are becoming popular when it comes to catching a cheating spouse or partner. Although spying on your partner is usually the main purpose of this cell phone spy app, parents and employers usually find it comes in handy especially when they have doubts about someone. When it comes to a Blackberry phone people tend to use the bbm service pretty often and some even exclusively. Therefore by monitoring Blackberry messenger service you will really find out what dirty dark secrets the person is keeping from you. They may not tell you even when confronted however you are certain they will tell someone whether it is a close friend or otherwise.

How does Blackberry messenger monitoring software work?

Virtually anyone can use a Blackberry messenger monitoring app. You don’t have to be a Blackberry guru or anything of the sorts. However you definitely would need to be able to download and setup a regular app. Similar to any other program for this particular mobile it doesn’t take long to setup just a moment. After it is installed you will immediately be able to spy on bbm transmissions and see what they are really up to. The chat is actually captured and sent to a remote web server in which you can access by entering your security name and password.

Since the information is available online you can also access it anytime and anywhere you wish. Another point which was not mentioned earlier is that these types of apps do not let you monitor Blackberry messenger alone. You will be able to view spy on other cell phone activities and these will help you capture the whole picture about your situation.

Where do I find a good app?

Flexispy pro x is currently the most powerful Blackberry messenger monitoring apps on the market today. You will not only be able to spy on bbm activities but also much more. The features included with Flexispy Prox are:

  • Cell phone tapping
  • Sms spying
  • Spy phone call (the ability to listen to the surroundings of the mobile)
  • Call logging
  • Remote control (changes, uninstall etc)
  • Mobile phone gps tracking
  • Email interception
  • Contact detail recording

As you may realise you will definitely be able to get alot information about the person you wish to monitor with these additional features. Therefore when you get your facts straight then you will be able to make a decision.

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How to tap an iphone

iphone tapping app

If you want to know how to tap an iphone then chances are you have a really good reason to do so. Most of the time it is due to some insecurity in a relationship which you need to find out what is the real deal. Many times people resort to tapping a mobile phone in order to discover if their spouse is cheating; teenager is going wayward or employee is being involved in under handed work. The truth is that if people were more honest we would never have to resort to using iphone spy software but unfortunately this is the world we live in. Don't worry keep your suspicions under your hat and in a moment we will explain to you how easy it is to tap an iphone. The process will take less than ten minutes and when it is completed you will never have to touch that smart phone again to know what is going on. When you are satisfied with your results you can then go and remove the software remotely. No one would be the wiser because the software operates totally in stealth mode.

How does an iphone tap work?

Everything starts with first ensuring the iphone in question is jail broken. If it is not you would have to use iphone jailbreak software in order to release it from its current restricted state. Once that pre requisite is taken care of it is time to sign up with the respective iphone tapping software vendor. You will then be given a personal profile with a unique access key for logging on to your exclusive member area. This software does not only allow you to tap an iphone but much more like to spy on bbm, intercept sms messages, phone gps locations and much more. This information will be available for you when you log on to your profile.

Let's continue, you will then have to install the app onto the iphone you wish to monitor. It takes just a moment to do and you must also enter the numbers you wish to intercept. Every time a call is received or made by any of the numbers on the list you will receive a special text message telling you this. Your next step will be to tap the mobile phone call by dialing the number of the target phone. You will then be secretly introduced in to the conversation to hear every nitty gritty detail. If you need to add or delete any numbers from the list you simply send a special sms command to make the modification. You will never have to touch the iphone again under any circumstances.

Where to buy and more information?

Tapping an iphone is done through two popular apps today which is Mobistealth and Flexispy respectively. Mobistealth which does not allow you to listen in on phone conversations however, allow you to monitor other communications such as whatsapp conversations, sms messages, call history, websites visited, email logging, gps tracking, contact details etc. The price ranging from between $39 USD and $199.99USD dollars depending on the package chosen for this iphone keylogger. For further details visit www.mobistealthpro.com

For the full set of functionality offered by an iphone spy app then it is best to use Flexispy. It carry the full set of features including the ability to tap a phone conversation. It will cost a bit more but it will be worth it in the long run if this functionality is what you really require.

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