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Flexispy download | Is there a free Flexispy download on the internet?

flexispy downloadCurrently on the marketplace there is no free Flexispy download. Any website which is claiming you can download this app and run it successfully without paying a red cent is definitely misleading you. The worst case scenario is that you download a virus onto the phone you are planning to spy on and as a result you may damage it permanently. Even if you got the original Flexispy setup file it cannot function without permission from the original website which is www.flexispy-omni.com. This is because this appĀ  is a two component software in which it has to communicate with the main server in order to function initially. In other words it will needs to be verified before it can work for you and the only way to be verified is to be a registered member. It will cost a bit to do so because currently the program is not offering any free trials anymore.

After you are registered, downloading Flexispy Pro, Prox or Lite is a breeze. You just go to the url designated to you in the instructions and download the setup file. The type of phone you are actually in possession of determines the type of file you download. For example the iphone file cannot work on a blackberry so be mindful of that. After the software have been installed it is just a matter of a few minutes to setup to ensure that it is communicating with the main website and that is it. You will no longer have to touch that cell phone after you have successfully downloaded Flexispy onto it.

Depending on the version purchased you will be able to monitor simple communications such as calls made or received, text messages or see the contacts in the phone book. If you want to go high tech then you can go for the ProX version in which you will be able to listen into phone conversations (cell phone tapping); listen to the surroundings of the phone, spy on bbm or Blackberry messenger, or even track the phone via GPS. If you really want to know every bit of information that is going on with your spouse, lover, child or employee then this is definitely the way to go. It may cost a bit more but the information you will find out will be worth it.

If you would like more information from the original Flexispy download or you would like to talk to an agent live onlineĀ 

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