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Mobile phone call interceptor – How to intercept cell phone calls

intercept cell phone callDo you want to know how it is possible to intercept cell phone calls? Then read this article and by the end of it you will be on your way to listening in on cell phone conversations. This may seem like it is from a spy movie but mobile phone call interceptors has been on the market now for over 5 years. In fact this technology has been used prior by surveillance companies and agencies before it became readily available on the internet. It is quite simple to use, simply install the app onto the target mobile in question. During the installation you could configure the program to notify you when a particular number is communicating with the phone or leave it as the default which is every call.

The next thing you must configure is the spy phone number; this is the phone number the user will be calling from to intercept the phone call. Typically, many people would use their mobile or another dedicated phone when they are doing there spying. After this is completed then it is off to the next step and that is waiting. When the target mobile makes or receives a call that will automatically trigger the program to send a text message to the software user. From there he or she could listen in on the cell phone conversation by simply calling the target device and this changes the convo from a two way to a three way one automatically. It is that simple.

Is there any recommended mobile phone call interceptor apps

Basically there are two app on the market with this functionality and there names are Flexispy and Spyera. Both apps do not come with this one feature alone but quite a few others. Common features between these two applications are:

In terms of these power features it is quite easy to recognize why there is nothing that you can hide from either cell phone call interceptor. So what will determine your choice over the other you may wonder? Well each has its pros and cons.

In general Flexispy is the first choice and this is mainly due to the fact that it has excellent support and also a lower yearly subscription charge. Imagine, you will be able to speak to someone from support on the vendors own messenger service. This take away quite a bit of the hassle sending emails or going through the regular support system. The price range is $150USD for the basic and $349.99USD for the omni version.

For more details on Flexispy then visit http://flexispy-omni.com.

Spyera on the other hand has flexible payment terms although it does not has a cheaper annual subscription. This is quite advantageous cost wise for those persons who would like to utilize a program for a short period of time. Also one of the most captivating parts about this app is that it is compatible with more cell phones than any other spy app. Therefore if you cant get it from anywhere else then Spyera is the way to go.

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