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Free cell phone monitoring sofware | Are there any on the market I can try out before buying?

Currently there is only one company which offers free cell phone monitoring software trials and that is RetinaX. This company offers you a free test spin on its most popular software which are Mobile Spy and Mobile Nanny. Mobile spy is the more powerful app which gives you a great package on purchase. Mobile Nanny is a lighter version which primary purpose is parental controls and employee monitoring. Therefore you will have the added ability to control that particular phone if you need to. For example you can turn off the cell phone remotely or during certain intervals using that particular product.

Since this RetinaX allows you to test their cell phone monitoring software for free you have the added assurance that it is working before purchase. The only issue you may have are the features which are carried. In comparison to Flexispy Pro or ProX these apps are limited in the advance features. For example neither of these programs can tap a cell phone (listen into conversations) or spy on blackberry messenger (bbm) or use the phone as a bug to listen to the nearby surroundings. If these are features you are looking for then it is best to try Flexispy instead. It does not have a free download however it is the best spy phone app on the market today and if you are not satisfied then you will be entitled to a full refund.

Below is a summary of each of the free cell phone monitoring software.

mobile spyIf you are looking to spy on your spouse or lover cell phone then as mentioned earlier your best bet is Mobile Spy.

Features: This includes the ability to monitor gps locations, calls (received and sent), text messages  contacts, emails, photo, websites visited, video recorded, calender events and tasks.

Price: It varies between $49.97 and $99.97 USD depending on the package you choose. You also get an added bonus of Sniper Spy if you choose the one year subscription of $99.997 dollars. This does not allow you to monitor cell phone communications but to view everything which is going on with that person's computer. Therefore you will have the best of both worlds which is the ability to spy on that person's cell phone and computer.

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mobile nannyMobile Nanny is the next application we will review.

Features: This includes the ability to restrict (block) communications from certain numbers such as text messages and calls. You can also get a keyword alert when some sends a message that contains a particular word such as sex. Mobile nanny also give you the power to restrict or lock the phone during certain times and also to do it remotely. It also can spy on the phone gps location, calls, text messages, contact, emails, photos and videos.

Price: $49.97 USD

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One additional bonus of using this company's phone monitoring apps is the fact that it have live USA telephone assistance so any queries you have can resolved in a split second. We hope this article assist you in finding your