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Best mobile phone tapping software

cell phone tapping Mobile phone tapping software allows the owner of the app to eavesdrop on cell phone calls without the user of the phone knowledge. This type of software has been in existence for some time now however, was extensively and exclusively used by companies in the spying industry. As these apps became more popular and readily available everyone started to jump on the band wagon. After all tapping a cell phone would put you in a great position to know whether your spouse is cheating, employee is stealing or children are being preyed upon. Although these are a few examples it is quite easy to understand why you would use a mobile phone tapping app.  It all comes down to determining the truth of the situation you are in and the person you want to monitor.

On the market today there are actually three apps which will allow you to tap a cell phone. These are Flexispy, Mobistealth and Spyera Gold. Mobistealth is the least expensive but it does not allow you to listen to the cell phone call live. It will however record the call remotely so you can play it back at a later time by logging on to your user account. You will just have to specify which number you wish to record remotely. Many people find this option great because you won’t have to stop what you are doing to spy on the phone conversation.  Although this may be considered an excellent or preferred feature the fact remains you can only tap an Android phone with this program. Below is a quick review of each of the products mentioned earlier in the order of the best.

phone call interceptor

#1-Flexispy Prox - Mobile phone tapping software

This is the number one choice in the industry today. It is actually one of the oldest cell phone monitoring software company in the world today and the most reputable. It is compatible with the majority of smart phones today including Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Maemo and Windows mobile. In terms of documentation and support it is second to none. Available to you is a video library of all of its features and how they work and also support is via live chat on the web. Therefore there is no need to send a ticket or an email you can get the answers to your questions immediately.

Key features: phone gps tracking, spying on bbm, sms interceptor, sim change notification, spy phone calling, call logging and email recording.

Price: $349.00USD for Prox version

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#2- Spyera Gold

Spyera Gold call interception software is a big contender for the number one spot. It contains similar features to our number one choice and it can even tap more mobile phones (e.g.  iphone OS 2.xand 3.x). The only disadvantage will be the price in which you will be paying a few extra bucks more. The advantage of using this software however would mean that if the person changes the phone to a newer model you will more likely be able to instantly spy on that phone.

Key Features: gps tracking, spy on bbm , sms interceptor, sim change notification, spy phone call, call history and email logging.

Price Range: Starting at $289USD to $499.99USD (available in either 3months, 6months or 1 year subscriptions)

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mobistealth prox

#3- Mobistealth Prox

This software has been the last entry in the mobile phone tapping arena. It presently can only intercept phone calls from Android phones however since it is records the call you can replay it at anytime. It also is actually loaded with more features than the two top competitors.

Key Features: gps tracking, spy on bbm , sms interceptor, sim change notification, spy phone call, call history and email logging.

Price: $199.99

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