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Whatsapp spying apps – How to spy on whatsapp messenger on a smart phone?

whatsapp spy softwareWhen it comes to spying on whatsapp messenger your only option will be to use special cell phone surveillance software. Programs which are used to monitor mobile phones have been in existence for years now. However, there are only a few which have the ability to monitor Whatsapp messenger chat. In terms of using these spy apps they generally operate in the same way. That is everything begins with you downloading and installing the program onto the respective cell phone. Once activated it will start to log each and every single conversation made and forward it to a special online server.

As the user of the program you will simply have to access this server through your web browser security credentials and all of the information will be there to view. Although the main purpose will be to record Whatsapp messenger chat the truth is you will get some additional features which will definitely prove useful. These include sms spying, gps tracking, website monitoring, listening in on cell phone calls and much more. In essence when all of the surveillance information is put together it paints a pretty good picture of the user of the mobile.

What are the best Whatsapp spy apps on the internet today?

Right now you will find that there are two popular programs on the market which can be used to monitor Whatsapp messenger. These are Mobile spy and Flexispy Omni respectively. Mobile spy is considered the top cell phone surveillance application on the market today. This is in respect of robustness, stability and customer care. It presently is the only one online which offers its telephone customer support and the ability to monitor multiple smart phones. In terms of additional features you will also be able to:

  • Monitor text messages
  • Read mms messages
  • Listen in on phone conversations
  • Bug the mobile phone (listen in on the surroundings)
  • Facebook chat monitoring
  • Gps tracking
  • Email interception
  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Remote control features
  • Address Book details
  • imessage tracking
  • Stealth Camera

From using this particular software it is easy to see why nothing will escape the user of it especially with the supporting features. This is why this particular application is known as one of the king in the spy world. You can acquire this application for just 50 dollars.

If you are interested in finding out more about spying on Whatsapp messenger using mobile spy .

Flexispy which is the other choice has  similar features to its competitor and even more. Actually over 135 features including cell phone tapping which allows the user to listen in on phone conversations. The main issue with Flexispy is the cost however; the information and details cannot be disputed. The starting price is 150 dollars US.

For more information on Flexispy Omni visit http://flexispy-omni.com.

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